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    Moreni Hotel is located at 20 km distance from the centre of Sofia. You can get here in the following ways.

    A more interesting and picturesque way to get to Hotel Moreni – with the gondola lift, which departs from Simeonovo. Its last stop is at Aleko hut, which is 500 meters within walking distance from the hotel. In summer it works only on weekends, and in winter depending on weather conditions. To check if it works on a given day, please follow the official website of Vitosha Ski: Timetable for lift “SIMEONOVO – ALEKO”

    Right in front of “Hotel Moreni” is the last stop of bus 66, which departs from the Sofia Zoo. It works all year round and provides a convenient way to reach the hotel. Please follow its exact schedule at the following link: Timetable for bus 66

    The road to “Hotel Moreni” starts from Dragalevtsi Square and is completely paved. The drive is only up the road, without making any turns. By car or taxi you can arrive in 15-20 minutes, depending on the driver. In winter the road is difficult to access with a regular car (unless it is a jeep), but if you have chains you will not experience any difficulty.


    For your convenience we have created a map, which shows the exact route through which you can get to us. This route differs from the route, which Google would show you, being an artificial intelligence programmed to always show the shortest and fastest route. In our case unfortunately the route that is displayed on Google maps is very steep and in winter almost impassable with a regular car. So we advise you to use the route created by us! It however is not interactive and it will not guide you the way that Google does but we think it is a good way to get an idea of the itinerary.

    Please note that at the intersection for restaurant Vodenitsata you should not turn left (as advised by Google) but you should continue straight on the road!