11 reasons why we love the mountains

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любов към планината

A person who visits the mountains is enchanted. From the beautiful scenery views to the exquisite perfume of pine branches to the comfort it provides. The mountain is a real magic.  A captivating piece of magic.

If you’ve ever walked in the mountains, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Did you know that December 11th is International Mountain Day? On this special occasion, we’ve decided to offer our top 11 reasons why we love the mountains.

Of course, we shall be waiting for you to experience the mountain’s distinctive charm. Hotel Moreni, as a boutique hotel on Vitosha, allows you to enjoy its beauty and combine a walk around Vitosha with an excellent culinary experience.

And so. Here are our top 11 reasons why we love visiting the mountain:

1. It provides us with fresh air

We’re sure one of your first thoughts when you hear the word mountain is of fresh air. The mountain proves that there is an escape from the polluted city air, traffic jams, and thousands of cars. It is a popular area to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy infinite peace and quiet.

2. Magnificent views unfold before our eyes

Undoubtedly, we also love the mountain because of the views with which it impresses us every time. As a skilled artist, it paints landscapes with dyes and colors that leave us speechless. The mountain has an inexplicable allure that compels us to bow before its splendor.

3. It allows us to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

The mountain allows us to leave behind our worries, put on our backpacks, and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Delicious food, hot beverages, comfortable shoes, and warm clothing. That’s how little we need to enjoy the mountains’ charms.

4. Charges us with positive emotions

Walking in the mountains affects our mood. It fills us with energy and joy and make us forget about our daily responsibilities for a while. It makes us happier and more inspired. Spending time outside in the fresh air relieves stress and clears the mind

Mountain landscape

5. It fills us with peace of mind

Imagine the gentle breeze ruffling your hair, the distant babbling of mountain streams, and a peaceful calm. How can we not adore the mountain? All of this is only possible here. It is the ideal destination for those times when we crave true rest, relaxation, and peace.

6. It makes us feel free and alive

The mountain provides an unparalleled sense of freedom. It allows us to forget about our worries, obligations, and concerns. It is a real delight to walk around the numerous mountain corners, enjoy the fresh air and sip warm herbal tea.

7. It teaches us strength and patience

By subduing a peak, we are actually subduing ourselves. We face our fears, stand up and overcome ourselves. The mountain teaches strength, patience, and persistence. It shows us that we should not give up and that we should not stop in the face of difficulties and challenges.

8. It gives us the opportunity to share time with our loved ones

Nothing is more valuable than time spent with loved ones, and hiking in the mountains is an excellent way to spend time with loved ones while embarking on a family adventure. We can explore new places, conquer a peak, and make unforgettable memories with our loved ones.

In search of freedom in the mountains

9. It allows us to be alone with our thoughts

When we need to be alone with ourselves, the best solution is to head to the mountains. The higher we go, the more grounded we feel. The mountain teaches us to appreciate the present moment and to cherish what is here and now. It helps us in connecting with ourselves and hearing our inner voice.

10. It offers us a great opportunity to rest

Nature’s beauty soothes the soul, a walk tones the body, and fresh air cleanses the mind of negative thoughts. “Life sucks a lot less when you add mountain air, a campfire and some peace and quiet,” Brooke Hampton says.

11. It makes us feel at home

It is warm, comfy, snug, and tranquil in our highlands. It’s almost as if we’re at home. Mother Nature embraces us with a loving caress and silently whispers to us that everything will be fine. Nature is the best treatment for both the body and the soul. It is like a therapy that relaxes our thoughts and minds while also assisting us in clearing our consciousness.

exploring the mountains

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