3 ideas for exciting winter adventures on Vitosha

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зимна приказка на Витоша

Winter is a wonderful season. So cozy, enchanted, and lovely. Our hands are frequently chilly, but the feelings we experience on the ski slopes fill our hearts to the brim with joy and happiness. When the first snow arrives, we begin considering where we can go skiing and sledding. If you’re going to Vitosha and want to complement your skiing enjoyment with comfort and spa experiences, you can look for accommodation in Vitosha hotels. In doing so, you will be close to all the mountain entertainment, as well as a cozy setting, delicious restaurants, and wellness delights.

The ski slopes in Vitosha, just like the hotels, are diverse and appropriate for both novice and expert skiers and snowboarders. We are aware that the state and degree of difficulty of the ski slopes are important considerations for anyone planning a mountain vacation. To give you a better understanding of the ski slopes themselves, let’s first discuss the entertainment the mountain has to offer.

• Tracks suitable for beginners – Green slope, Blue slope (educational), Mecha polyana and Running track – 3 km. Here you can safely take your first ski slope steps. If you want to experience the excitement of skiing or snowboarding, these tracks are a great choice. There are also winter sports schools on Vitosha. A teacher with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience can introduce you to the world of winter fun.

• Slopes with an easy level of difficulty – Laleto Ski track, Laleto 3, Cherni Vrah, Blue slope and Mecha Polyana. We advise you to only choose these slopes if you have prior skiing experience. The trails are suitable for skill improvement because of their easy level of difficulty.

A child skiing in Vitosha mountain

• Tracks with a medium level of difficulty – Lale 1, Stenata, Diagonala 1 and Diagonala 2. Here, you have even more options if you feel comfortable on the track. You can choose slopes of both easy and medium difficulty. 

• Expert Tracks – Lale 2 and Kozirkata na Bobi. If downhill skiing is “second nature” to you and you consider yourself a pro, give it a try at these two slopes.

Skiing is always a pleasurable and adrenaline-pumping experience. Choose a track that is appropriate for your level of fitness. This will ensure that you do not endanger your own or other skiers’ lives.

If this is your first winter vacation, remember that selecting the proper equipment is just as important. In our previous article, we discussed what to look for when purchasing ski equipment. Let’s see what Vitosha has to offer in terms of entertainment:

1. Sledding 

Sledding is our first suggestion for family-friendly fun. It’s a great way to get some fresh mountain air, have fun with the kids, and be physically active. This type of winter entertainment is excellent for strengthening muscles, developing coordination, and saturating the body with oxygen. The best part is that sledding causes the production of the happy hormone serotonin.

Skiing down the slopes at Vitosha

2. Crossing with snowmobiles

If you are an adrenaline lover, we recommend renting a snowmobile. Of course, the feeling is magnified when shared with loved ones. You can enjoy the walk together with your partner. Thus, the magnificence of the mountain’s snow-covered forests will be revealed before your eyes, and you will feel a rush of adrenaline. Crossings take place along predetermined routes.

3. Skiing and snowboarding

In addition to sledding, you can also try skiing or snowboarding on Vitosha. Ski slopes guarantee fun, a snowy mood, and unforgettable winter emotions. We believe you’ve seen for yourself that everyone, from beginners to experts, can have a lot of fun here. Everyone will have a good time thanks to the variety of ski slopes. Therefore, do not hesitate to book your winter vacation in a Vitosha hotel. Your holiday will be full of fresh mountain air, hours of fun on the slopes, and plenty of smiles.

Lastly, we’d like to introduce you to Vitosha Winter Fest, which will take place on January 14, 2023. The festival’s eighth edition will be full of surprises and competitions in a variety of sports, including mountain biking and sledding. If you’re looking for a hotel on Vitosha, Hotel Moreni is the place to stay. Comfort and luxury are expertly integrated to provide you with the rest you require after a day of fun on the slopes.

Family having fun in the snow in the mountains