3 suggestions for a family walk around Sofia

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семейна разходка около София - във Витоша

Although a small country, Bulgaria is full of beauties. Towering peaks, magnificent waterfalls, and magical corners. Beautiful views and wonderful locations can be found around every corner.

We can certainly list dozens, if not hundreds, of walking-friendly locations just in the capital. Long or brief, closer to Sofia or farther away, for a day or a weekend. There are walking options in the capital city and its surroundings to suit every preference and ability level.

Sofia’s proximity to a mountain is one of its most significant benefits. The mountain’s clean air and stunning panoramic views make it a favored spot for leisure for both Sofia residents and visitors to the capital.

If you, too, need a “breath of fresh air” from your hectic daily life and want to “recharge your batteries,” the mountain is the place to be. We present you three family-friendly destinations. We believe that we will be able to encourage you to pack your backpacks and go on a family adventure, whether you are a resident or a visitor to the city.

Before we reveal our ideas for a family trip, we have a suggestion for Sofia’s guests. Stay in a hotel in Vitosha. There is nothing more inspiring than having your morning coffee accompanied by a mountain view.

Kamen Del peak

Do not rush to imagine a long journey and a difficult climb. This is a mountain that both young and old can conquer. And, to really be honest, reaching the summit is scarcely a triumph. The route is easy and pleasant, with almost no inclination, but the delight of seeing the scenery emerge is incomparable. The crossing might take an hour and a half. It is determined by the rate at which you and your children move..

There are several routes that can lead to the summit. The one from the “Aleko” hut is the quickest and easiest. The lodge is very well located. It is 600 meters from the “Moreni” hotel, which is the final stop of bus 66. Even if you do not own a car, embarking on a one-day family adventure will not be a challenge. You can take the bus to the hotel, then to the hut, and finally to the route opposite the “Simeonovo” cable car exit. Although there are no signs, there are markings. They will lead you to the summit if you follow carefully.

Panoramic View of Sofia from Kamen Del Peak

Golden Bridges

From the “Aleko” hut, you can also head towards the Golden Bridges. No, they aren’t gold bridges. It is a magnificent area in which the largest stone river is located. You’re probably wondering why the place has that name. Some believe that the area between the stones was covered with golden sand. Others claim the stones were formerly coated in golden moss. Although we do not know the reality, it is undeniable that this is a remarkable geological phenomenon. It is located in the valley of the Vladaiska River and covers an area of about 846 hectares.

Aside from the fact that the location is quite lovely, it is also easily accessible by public transportation. The Golden Bridges can be reached by taking Bus 63. Another piece of good news is that other routes start at the Golden Bridges. The area may not be your final goal, but rather one of many stops on your family adventure. You may visit Kopitoto, Edelweiss Hut, and Boyana Waterfall from here. Many interesting and beautiful places are located nearby.

Golden Bridges in Vitosha

Boyana Waterfall

As previously stated, the Golden Bridges lead to the Boyana Waterfall. After exiting bus 63, continue towards the region, then towards the “Momina Skala” hut, and after another 10-15 minutes of walking, you will arrive at the Boyana Waterfall. With a height of 25 meters, this is Vitosha’s largest waterfall. Vazov describes it as follows: “It seems to you that this waterfall does not come from the summit of Vitosha, but from the heights of heaven, bringing with it the beams of blue and the noise of their storms.” And, indeed, the location is exceptional and ideal for a one-day walk.

The path to the waterfall is pleasant, albeit a little steep in sections. Keep one thing in mind if you decide to stroll there with the kids. You will very certainly have to hold their hand in some spots. Of course, as with any mountain walk, dress appropriately. Put on your hiking boots and prepare food and drinks for the trip if possible. The route is not challenging, but the walk might be tiring, and the food and drink will allow you to support yourself.

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