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хотел Морени - Бутиков хотел на Витоша

A person requires very little to be happy. A cup of delicious coffee, pleasant company, and fresh mountain air. If caffeinated beverages are not your favourite, let it be warm tea for you. Relax completely in a nice and comfortable setting. Hotel “Moreni” on Vitosha is a boutique hotel that will transform your vacation into a true mountain fairy tale. A variety of amenities, stunning panoramic views, spa relaxation, and excellent service – your holiday here will be remembered for a long time.

Boutique hotel on Vitosha – an unforgettable holiday 

You know what they say – You can tell what a day will be like by the way the morning goes. That’s exactly why we give you the opportunity to start your mornings with a hot drink and an inspiring view.

In the warmer months, the sun’s rays will pass through your curtain, and in the winter, you will be able to admire the snow-capped peaks. The mountain might be the first thing you notice when you get out of bed. Captivating, enigmatic, and magnificent. Its  beauty is unmatched. You will be able to enjoy it while sipping your favorite drink. Both in summer and in winter, it will leave you speechless and reveal magnificent sights before your eyes.

We will await you at the restaurant for lunch. Of course, there will be delicious cuisine served on-site. Our chefs use their years of knowledge to prepare everything from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. We will assist you in making the best decision based on your taste preferences, and our chefs will ensure that you enjoy a fantastic lunch. You will be able to appreciate the scenery as well as the meals.

The flavor and aroma harmony will caress your tongue, while the breathtaking views from the window will captivate your heart. The time you spend in the Moreni Hotel restaurant will be a delight for all of your senses. The huge fireplace will add to the cozy and romantic mood. It’s so relaxing to look out at the mountain and the fire, listen to the crackling wood and soft music, and eat our favorite meals in a warm and cozy setting.

The restaurant at hotel Moreni

In the afternoon, we suggest you get to know Vitosha and indulge in pleasant emotions. On warm days you can go for a walk, and in winter – enjoy the snow slopes with your family. In all seasons, the mountain has something to offer.

Spring brings with it a vibrant color pallet and the optimism of a better tomorrow. When everything around Vitosha begins to green up, it becomes breathtakingly gorgeous. The mountain is no less magnificent in the summer. It brings a sunny mood and coolness at the same time. It allows for walks to beautiful corners and many eco-paths. It turns orange-red in autumn, and the falling leaves form a gorgeous carpet of patterned leaves. Winter is an excellent season to combine vacation with a lot of fun. The mountain then becomes snow-white and seems to encourage you to go down the ski slopes and enjoy in winter emotions.

In the evening, after a walk or fun on the ski slopes, you can relax in the spa area. You can recover your strength by visiting the sauna and steam bath. A tepidarium and a jacuzzi are also available. They allow you to enjoy a beautiful view while resting on heated seats or relaxing in the warm water.

You can also treat yourself to a massage at the massage studio. You will see for yourself – we will provide you with all you need to make your trip full with moments of exquisite enjoyment and relaxation

relaxation in a hot tub

Boutique hotel on Vitosha – an excellent choice for a home office

In addition to relaxation, the Moreni hotel provides great circumstances for remote working. Comfortable surroundings, fast Wi-Fi, and options to relax in your spare time – the ambiance here will make your work more enjoyable.

Several studies over the years have demonstrated that a change of location can improve productivity. Wake up every morning to a mountain view and awaken your creativity. You don’t have to be concerned about food or entertainment. You already know that the restaurant will serve exquisite food, and the spa center will provide a variety of procedures and amenities.

Accommodation in hotel Moreni